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4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying Foam Rollers


There are a couple of good reasons for using foam rollers and it is to reduce injuries and decrease recovery times. Essentially speaking, these rollers also come in three different types including EVA, molded and polyethylene EPE foam rollers. From there, we can get brand specific models which tend to outperform and outlast its generic counterparts.


You have to ask yourself the following questions in order for you to buy the best foam rollers in the market today.


Question number 1. How you plan to use the rollers - for most who'll be using the rollers at home, you should consider buying something that can stand the test of time. If you'll be using yours few times in a week however, then you should try avoiding buying a generic EVA or EPE. If you do so, both of them will elongate quickly and start to oval. If you have plans of using it daily, then it is better to spend cash on those that have higher quality to be certain that it endures all the abuse you will give to it.


Question number 2. How long you've been rolling - even though this question is going to vary from person to person, odds are it will cause great discomfort in your body if you've just started. Say that you fall for such category, then you might want to start using the standard EPE. These are not so dense and will break down scar tissues as well as lengthen your muscles. You can start on upgrading to advanced models as the scar tissues start to start to break down so will your foam roller.


Question number 3. What do you plan to concentrate on - there are some people who are using 2 foam rollers which depend on the area that they are targeting. Nothing is better than making use of a rumble roller for hitting the hard to reach areas similar to your shin muscle or hip flexors. The grooves may also target those areas more efficiently compared to other options available in the market. Check out to understand more about foam roller.


Question number 4. How much is your budget - this is one very important question that you've got to ask yourself. Buying a cheap foam roller is a lot better than trying to avoid them all together. Prices for such products start at around 10 to 15 dollars and for this, it's more cost effective to experience the benefits of deep tissue massage without leaving your house. If you are active and has more budget at the same time, then you probably want more expensive model which can be a great investment too, click to know more!